Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's been awhile since I've gave an update on my kids so here goes...

Addison - 4 years & 3 months old
  • She is very smart and loves learning something new. Right now we are working on spelling words like - dog, cat, boy, girl....
  • Preschool starts in September and she is very excited.
  • Addison still does not know how to say her ABC's but knows how to spell and write about 20 words. Whenever I try teaching her the ABC's she tells me that she knows them already.... Her way goes like this.. ABCDEFCHIOUSALKJEROUBLAJKRA AND Z. ha.. it's something like that anyways...
  • She loves Dwayne Johnson. The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain, Planet 51 & Tooth Fairy
  • Her best friend is Katie, they go to school together.
  • She picked out an iCarly backpack this year for school :-( yes, I cried.
  • 40lbs, 3'8", Size 13 shoe, 6-7 Clothes

Lucas - 3 years & 3 months old
  • Lucas is the sweetest kid in the whole world. He will do anything to help you... even if it's giving you his last piece of candy.
  • He LOVES Transformers right now. He is Bumblebee! :-D He will take you down by chopping off your head. :-D Boys!
  • Lucas was potty trained for a few days and then I told him he could go to school now. He said he didn't want to go to school and started peeing in his underwear/diapers again. I have bought 20 Transformers items to bribe him into going in the potty again. Today he is actually in underwear and doing good.
  • Lucas does not like playing with kids. He enjoys Addison, Owen, Zaiden & Jack. Those are 4 people that he sees a lot though.
  • First thing Lucas wants in the morning is daddy and a cup.
  • 43lbs, 3'6", Size 13 shoe, 5-6 clothes

Some of his toys he can get if he goes in the potty for an entire day.

Owen - 13 months
  • Owen is mean. He is constantly hitting the big kids and stealing toys. Addison sometimes runs from him when he has a toy in his hand.
  • He is starting to get into a Barney stage.
  • Two naps a day... 1 more nap and 1 afternoon nap.
  • Owen still chews on everything, those dang teeth won't come in.
  • He can say about 20 words. He gets distracted easy so sometimes he will be talking and just stop and walk away.
  • He loves his daddy...
  • Owen throws major tantrums. I always said I wouldn't be a mom who let my kids lay on a store floor and throw a fit. Owen does it about every time we are shopping.
  • 31lbs., ,Size 7 shoe, 2T clothes

Zoe -23 months old
  • 62lbs
  • Loves to play with the kids. Sometimes they act like she is a horse!
  • When Kyle gets home Zoe runs straight to her cage.
  • Zoe growls at me when I yell at the kids.

I never do an update with Kyle & I so here goes...

  • Playing softball every Monday.
  • Working @ Better World Books and doing some side work for the mill.
  • You can find him on XBOX Live almost every night.

Savannah - Nothing new with me.

I keep my 101 things to do in 365 days updated so check it out every once in awhile. I'm pretty proud of what we've done so far!!

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  1. I love you.....and I am soooooooooooooo proud of you!!!