Monday, August 24, 2009

TV Shows

Addison & Lucas' tv show favorites are totally different. Addison loves Scooby Doo and Lucas loves Max & Ruby! Well, lately Addison has been coming into my bedroom at night because she is having nightmares about monsters. She tells me that the monsters are wearing costumes but it still scares her. I do not allow Scooby on at bedtime anymore and it has helped.

Sometimes the monsters in Scooby actually scare me... I have no idea how kids watch it!! :-)

Max & Ruby isn't much better than Scooby. It doesn't have monsters in it but it teaches bad manners. Max is a little JERK!! He doesn't listen and gets into trouble. That's not what I want to teach my son.... but he loves the show. Sometimes I hear him in his room laughing and laughing from the show. How can I take that away?

I hate tv sometimes....

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