Friday, October 16, 2009

another Lucas story

Lucas is my trouble maker! He is a great listener but he's constantly getting into something new. In my refrigerator there is a setting for the freezer. I usually have it set in the middle somewhere. One day my husband, Kyle, went to get the milk out for chocolate milk cups, and realized it was warm. We looked at the setting and it was OFF. I don't think it was off very long...the milk was still kind of cold and our ice wasn't all the way melted. Of course in my mind I was thinking it was Lucas but thought I would ask both of the big kids. I called them into the room and asked them who did it. They both looked at me at pointed at each other. OF COURSE! I had to tell them that lying is bad and explain what happens when you turn the refrigerator/freezer off. Addison then stepped forward and said she didn't do it but she didn't see Lucas do it. I then looked at Lucas. He had that big goofy grin he gets when he does something bad. He told me he did it and he was sorry. How can I get mad? He said sorry all by himself! A week later I asked Kyle to get me a Schwans ice cream cup, btw - it was a brand new box ($12.49 a box). As I took my first bite (in my dark room) I could tell it smelled kind of different but just thought it was in my head. IT WAS GROSS. It had all melted and tasted like ice. I walked into the kitchen and noticed that the bottom 1/2 inch was nothing but ice. I had two brand new boxes, chocolate and strawberry, that I had to throw in the trash :'-( My Schwans guy doesn't come again until next week and I am now craving those stupid ice cream cups!!

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