Monday, October 5, 2009


A few weeks ago I locked my kids, Addison-3, Lucas-2 & Owen-3 months, in my bedroom and decided to take a shower! Owen was sleeping in the swing and Lucas & Addison were watching Max & Ruby. I thought I could take a 5 minute shower without anything terrible happening!! Two minutes into the shower Addison came in to wash her hands in the sink. Lucas then realized I was in the shower and decided to come into the bathroom to talk! After a few minutes of talking they both decided to undress and jump in the shower. I let them play a few minutes (they love squirt guns in the shower) then washed them up and turned the water off. That's when I heard the water hitting the ground! Addison plugged the sink and left the water on!! My bathroom floor was flooded!!! I wanted to scream but it was too funny! Addison yelled, "MOM THERE IS A POOL IN YOUR BATHROOM!" ha.. kids! She didn't even realize that she was the one who made the pool!

So today Addison went to wash her hands in my bathroom and she was in there for awhile so I asked her what she was doing. She told me she was going fishing in the sink! I caught her right before the water started overflowing!! She had a bath toy fishing pole and was fishing for........ TOILET PAPER!!

while talking about fishing...Lucas went fishing a few days ago for real! His uncle took him and aunt took looks of pictures! I guess he was very excited to go but once they caught the fish he was kind of unsure of the whole thing. He told Uncle Joe to throw the fish back into the pool (ditch/pond/river/wherever it was). Too cute!!

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