Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mom's surprise 50th birthday party

This past Saturday we threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom! Everything worked out great!!

It all started about 6 or 7 weeks ago... my dad wanted to throw her a party but mom told all of us that she was NOT having a birthday this year so no parties! Of course we could NOT listen to her!! My sister, Stephanie, and I started making a guest list and then found a day that would work for everyone. Sadly it fell on the day of Boo at the Zoo, but that was our way to get mom to come to my house without expecting a big party! Keeping a secret from mom is very hard... especially when there are 20 people hiding it!!

The week of the party I told my mom that Kyle was throwing a football party on Sunday (her party was Saturday) so I need to know how much food to cook!! :-) I have never threw a party without my mom so I was totally lost. I didn't know how much pop, chicken, goulash or cake to buy/make.

The day of the party I was going crazy! I was so worried that mom would hate it and ME!

It turned out great and she was very surprised!! Everyone had a great time visiting and playing games. It was great to see my mom's side of the family together. Thank you to everyone who came and kept it a great surprise!

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  1. I think the party was fantabulous, Savannah! And I'm sooo tickled your mom never figured it out in advance! Yeah!!! So... do you actually see your comments here, or do you have them redirected? I seem to be having trouble receiving my comments. Could you please leave one for me at I can try to figure this out? THANX! :D P.S. You can add me and follow my blog too! ;) I'm following yours. :)