Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm peeing...

My little monster boy is ready to be potty trained! Every time he goes pee he now tells me. He'll hold himself and say, "I'm peeing!" Yesterday I put him in undies and made him go potty every 15 minutes..AHHHHHHHHHHH........ I hate potty training! He'll run to the potty every time he goes...AFTER he goes I should say! Potty training was hard with Addison, she was almost 3 1/2 by the time she was 100% in undies!

Tell me your potty training stories please.... am I the only one who HATES potty training this bad?


  1. Trenton does the same thing. One day I had him in his undies and he went into the kitchen took them off and pooped in the corner. Thank God it was in the kitchen and not on the carpet. I'm finding it really had to stay on a schedule with him because I work so much. Daycare is trying to keep up but it's just too hard. I pray he's trained before he starts pre-school or else I am in trouble. :(

  2. it drives me crazy....... they say he will get it when he's ready... well why can't he get it when mommy is ready? :-) Where are you sending him to preschool?