Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dentist!!!! :-)

Today the kids went to the dentist for the 2nd time!!

When we woke up Addison was telling me that she did NOT want to go to the dentist today! I kept telling her that she didn't want her teeth to fall out so she had to get them checked out. Before the dentist appointment we had a few errands to run... bank, store, mcdonads (chocolate chip cookies :-) so when we got to the dentist their teeth were really gross! :-) I'm sure the hygienist loved that! As we were walking into the building, Addison was SCREAMING and crying. What kind of mom would I be if I turned around and went home? My kids need their teeth cleaned but I hated hearing her cry. I told her that the dentist was a good guy and worked for Santa :-) bad people couldn't work for him, right? After we checked in the kids got to play for awhile. I think this helped Addison relax a little. Ten minutes into playing and the hygienist made her way into the lobby. BTW, the kids go to a pediatric dentist so it is VERY kid friendly. Addison & Lucas both latched onto my leg and started crying. They did NOT want to go with this lady. We tried reasoning with the kids but no matter what we said it did not matter to them. Finally the hygienist picked Addison up and took her. AHHHH... my heart broke into a million pieces. Addison probably thought I was leaving her. After Lucas saw this he would not get off of my lap. He even told me that he loved me and I was a HOOOOT mama around 100 times! :-) My dad happened to walk in (he knew we were there) so Lucas jumped off of my lap and started playing with him. THANK YOU DAD!! The hygienist came back into the lobby and said that I could go back with Lucas now. Since he is only 2 I am allowed with him. I don't think I could have dealt with another kid crying for me.

It turned out great. Addison got her x-rays, teeth cleaned and fluoride! Lucas is still too small but got an exam. Addison said that the dentist was nice and they told her that I use to go there when I was small...she really enjoyed that!

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