Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My baby

I finally have a little one that adores his mommy!! He will cry for me if I'm in the room and I LOVE it! My other two kids didn't really care if I was around so it's nice having one that does! Kyle swears that Owen hates him! Some days Owen will look at Kyle and just start SCREAMING. Kyle is a great daddy... he will play with the kids for hours. He can be in the middle of playing with Owen and Owen will go crazy until I pick him up. :-) :-) :-) Sorry Kyle...

Here are some new fun facts about my little guy

  • Rolls in both directions
  • Says mama & dada
  • Holds own bottle
  • Can feed himself puffs
  • Plays with toys
  • EVERYTHING goes into the mouth
  • 29 inches
  • 20 lbs
Why is it that my baby has to grow so dang fast?

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