Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quiz for Addison

What is your name?
Addison Marie

How old are you?
3 (fingers...not the word)

Where do you live?
mmmm... in my room..

Do you have a job?

What is your job?
hair cuts

Where is your job?
in my room

Do you get paid?
yes, all the time. Whenever somebody comes in. I just don't get paid in coins

Do you have any siblings?
uh huh

What are siblings?
wash stuff

What kind of wash stuff?
Wash your hair

What is Valentines Day?
you get cards

Do you know who cupid is?
Cupid? You tell me who it is and then I will know!

What time is your bedtime?
Bedtime is night night time. It is when the sun gets down. Maybe 2:00? :-D

Mom, I don't want to do this's making me tired!

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