Monday, March 8, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Every parent has their own bedtime routine with their kids. A lot of parents give their kids a bath and then read books. Our house is a little different! :-) Our kids get a night time movie and a snack (usually dry cereal). Recently I started telling them sweet dreams and naming different things to dream about.


Addison - princesses, fairies, cookies & mommy
Lucas - firemen, tools, race cars & mommy
Owen - haven't started it yet

After a week of me doing this they started saying it to Kyle. He tells them to dream about different stuff.


Addison - weddings, diamonds & donuts! :-)
Lucas - firemen, tools & chicks!

The first time I heard him say this to Addison I thought it was so sweet. She is always talking about weddings so it fits perfect! And of course he has to throw in the donuts to make it more dadish! The first time I heard him say this to Lucas I laughed for a few minutes but then I yelled at him. Now Lucas thinks it's funny and tells me to dream about chicks! One night I asked him if he was thinking about baby chicks. He laughed and told me big butt chicks! AHHHHH..... I'm going to have a little pervert running around my house.

1 comment:

  1. I say firetrucks not firemen. I don't want him dreaming about firemen.