Monday, April 19, 2010

Poor little Lucas

My little Lucas is sick again. The poor little guy is always the one who catches everything. On Saturday we went to one of my brothers baseball games and Lucas was not himself. He slept during a game. What 3 year old boy (who adores his uncle) sleeps through a game? When we got home from the game I checked to see if he had a high temperature and of course he did. I gave him a cup of chocolate milk - hoping that he'd drink that since he wouldn't take anything else. He drank it all!! I then gave him some children's liquid Tylenol. Usually he gets the meltaways because he thinks that they are candy!! :-) Unfortunately, we are out of them. It was a pain trying to get him to drink the liquid Tylenol. He kept pushing my hand away and shutting his mouth so I couldn't pour it in. Why do kids have to be so difficult? About a minute after I forced the Tylenol in his mouth he puked all over himself. He was on the living room carpet and luckily nothing hit the floor...just his belly. He had no idea what to think after that. He just starred at me and looked so sad. Of course I was panicking. No mom likes their kids being sick. That night wasn't too bad. All Lucas wanted to do is sleep. I got up a few times through the night and checked on him.

When we got up on Sunday he got some more Tylenol and no puking happened!! :-) WOOHOO!! He played a little through the day but he did take a few naps.

Sunday night (11:00pm) as I was in bed, closing my eyes, and guess who walked in? Lucas! He wanted another cup of chocolate milk. Kyle got that for him while I hugged him and tried getting him to talk to me. He hadn't ate much all day so we were afraid he was going to get dehydrated. I tried giving him cups of Pedialyte but of course he wouldn't drink it. After laying in bed a few minutes I could tell he was getting a fever again. Kyle got the Tylenol and the fight started again. Then all of the sudden he puked all over himself, the bed, pillows and me. I started cleaning up while Kyle tried giving Lucas more Tylenol. This time we used a straw for the medicine and Lucas liked it a little better.

Having a child sick is hard. Having a child sick at 11pm while you have to clean puke off of your bed is even harder. Lucas had to get in the shower because he smelled horrible.

At 1:30pm he was watching Diego in his room and looked as happy as could be.

Now, as I am writing this, Lucas has another fever. YUCK. Luckily he hasn't had any chocolate milk lately!!

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