Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's going on?!?!

We've had a rough past week and a half. It all started with Lucas being sick with VERY high fevers (104.5 the highest). He then passed it to Addison who is normally a drama queen but it was worse while being sick. I didn't think it was possible.... I am now dreading PMS with her! While Addison was sick her and Kyle got pink eye. I made dr. appointments for them and an hour before the appointment I had noticed that I was getting it also. AHHHH.... The three of us got checked out and are now on medicine. Today we shouldn't be contagious any more. Somehow the boys haven't caught it. Maybe it's because I am going CRAZY with cleaning so they don't catch it. Who knows! The dr. said that if Owen catches it that I will have to put a cream in his eye.... what a pain would that be?!?! Let's hope he doesn't catch it!!!

Kyle is in a wedding on Saturday so HOPEFULLY the redness and itching will be gone by then. I'm pretty sure the bride would be very upset if Kyle's bloodshot eyes ruined her pictures!

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