Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The toads name is...

We found our first toad of the year!!! Lucas LOVED him! I wasn't sure if he would hold him again this year or not. He's been afraid of bugs lately so I wasn't quite sure. He carried him around the yard and wanted to bring him inside. I had to finally tell him to let the poor toad free.

When we came inside I noticed that Addison was going through all of her Barbie furniture. When I asked her what she was doing she said this, "I am making a home for our new pet. I want to name him - inside pet." :-) OH NO... I ran over by Lucas to make sure he didn't have that dang toad in the house. WHEW... no toad in the house.

I had to explain to the kids that we don't keep outside toads in the house... we don't have the right kind of food or cage for them.

Later on at Walmart, Addison wanted to go look for toad cages and she asked me if every food item in our cart was for the toad.

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