Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lucas & the ER

Mr. Lucas is so clumsy. He's constantly tripping over his own feet. Two weeks ago I posted on facebook that we had to go to the ER with him.

Here's the story...

We were at a Grandma's Checkbook (Kyle's team) softball game and Lucas was playing with all the kids. He was kicking rocks and walking up to me and he tripped and hit his head on the wooden bleachers and then fell backwards right onto the rocks. At first I thought he was okay, and then I saw the blood on the back of his head.

Kyle's game had 1 more inning left so I told him to finish playing while I got all packed up.

We got to the hospital and Lucas was so excited to see the DR. He asked me if the nurses and DR.'s were friends... I told him they were a team like Batman & Robin! He loved it. That's what we talked about during the whole wait.

When the DR. finally came in she cleaned the area and picked out a ton of little rocks. Lucas was such a tough little guy. No crying at all!! When the DR. was done cleaning the area she glued it up and that was it!

I was told to watch him closely for 7 days. No washing his hair....GROSS! Any fever or vomiting to come straight back to the ER.

Lucas didn't complain about his head once after we left the hospital.

ER trip #1 happened on a Thursday night.

Owen's first birthday party was on Monday. Lucas was playing transformers (beating the bad guys up=fighting with who ever would play) and bumped his head on the wall pretty hard. Nobody told me this until later on.

The party was great.... we had cheeseburgers, hot dogs and brats! Of course my kids only wanted to eat cake and ice cream! They each got one small piece of cake and a scoop of ice cream!

I put the kids to bed and started cleaning up. When I finally got to lay down I heard Lucas coughing. GREAT I thought... Lucas is getting sick. After a few minutes of constant coughing I heard him say, "Mommy, help me." I jumped out of bed and met him in the hallway.

He had puked ALL over himself. I woke Kyle up and had him give Lucas a bath.

When I entered the bedroom I could not believe how much puke was EVERY WHERE. The bed, walls, toys, dresser, door & carpet were covered.

When I went to check on Lucas in the bath I was told that he bumped his head earlier that day. AHHHHHHHHH............. why would nobody tell me about this until now?

I started panicking telling Kyle that we had to go to the ER NOW. This vomiting could have something to do with his head injury. I called my parents right away and had my dad come watch the other 2 kids (they were sleeping). Then I finished cleaning the bedroom.

When Lucas got out of the bath we tried getting him to focus and then he puked again. We were now for sure that it had something to do with his head injury. Why would focusing make him puke? He kept telling us that his head and eyes hurt.

Once my dad got to our house we rushed to the ER.

Lucas got a ct scan and everything looked perfect. The DR. said it could have been a flu or too much cake & ice cream. Who knows!

Lucas is now okay & can bathe again!!

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