Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Addison said WHAT?

Today Addison's best friend, Katie, came over to play. The girls were coloring pictures and asked me to draw a butterfly. First off, I can not draw. I've gotten pretty good at dogs and stick people but that's as far as it goes.

Well, Owen was sleeping so I sat down at the table and started drawing. I was really getting into it. The wings had polka dots and stripes... like the girls asked...very pretty!! 5 minutes later I had my beautiful butterfly with clouds, birds, the sun & flowers in the background.

The girls both said they liked it!

After Katie left I started cleaning up and found my butterfly picture under my bed. hmmm... weird... When Addison saw that I found it she started crying. Addison crying happens a lot so I thought nothing of it.

When she relaxed enough to talk she told me this.

Addison - Mom, your picture is so ugly. I was sad when you showed it to Katie. Now she thinks we are horrible drawers.

WHAT????? I was proud of that picture!! :-D

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