Monday, August 23, 2010

Lucas said WHAT?

Paps = my dad

Me - Lucas, I love you. You are such a sweet little boy.

Lucas - yeah, paps told me how to be sweet.

Me - oh yeah, paps teaches you a lot, huh?

Lucas -YEAH, he knows how to fix things. like cars, trucks, tractors & toys.

Me - haha, yep!!

Lucas - I want to be like paps when I grow up. I want to fix things. Like Optimus Prime. I want to be a cloud maker also. (my dad works at a generating station...steam clouds)

Me - You can be a mechanic when you get big. You can even own your own garage. Cars like Bumblebee, Ironhide & Optimus would come to you!!

Lucas - yeah, and maybe sissy can paint them. She knows how to stay in the lines now.

Me - hahahahah...

Lucas - daddy teaches me a lot.

Me - oh yeah... like what?

Lucas - How to do work. I use tools. I clean the yard.

Me - what about mommy, do I teach you anything?

Lucas - yeah, nothing important though.

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