Friday, September 17, 2010

Mr. Lucas

It's been an exciting month for my little Lukie!! This month he has started wearing underwear with NO accidents (WOOHOO), started preschool & was in the hospital with pneumonia (YUCK).

Potty training was so rough with this little guy. Around 2 we started showing him what to do. Once a month he seemed interested but that was it. At 3 he was doing a lot better. Maybe once a week he wanted to go pee on the potty. This past summer he was 75% potty trained and then I mentioned school. He started peeing in his diapers again. He did NOT want to go to school and knew he had to be potty trained to go.

September 2nd was the day that Lucas wanted to be potty trained. School started September 7th! :-D He did really good but still had a few accidents (no poop accidents...thank goodness). On his first day of school he was SO excited. I'm not sure what made him finally want to go to school or wear underwear. While he was at school I was TERRIFIED that he was going to have an accident. Well.... he did GREAT! Day 2 was great also!

Lucas didn't make it to day 3 or 4 because he was in the hospital with pneumonia. We were in the hospital from Sun-Wed....SOOOO glad to be home now.

Some funny things he has said about these 3 things -

*I love going to the Dr.'s house (hospital). They have awesome toys.
*I'm going to miss this place (hospital) - I like the bed, TV, bathroom, thing on the wall, window, Dr's and love the toys I get.
*Mom, I think you need better underwear, do you want to borrow my bumblebee undies?
*MOM - Zoe is drinking my pee in the toilet!!!!!!
*School is fun. I really wish my teacher did more transformer stuff though. Like if the girls were bad guys and the boys were good guys and we fight and stuff. That would be pretty awesome.

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