Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet Lucas is a MONSTER!


When I was little my older brother use to play Barbies with me occasionally. He would usually do things like kidnap the kids or run someone over. Every once in awhile he would even pull a head off of someone. Seems normal for a boy, right?

Well, something that Lucas showed me today is NOT normal! :-)

We were cleaning out Addison's room and Lucas said this -

Lucas, "Mom, wanna see something cool?"
Me, "Sure! (thinking it was a trick or something)
Lucas - digging in toy box.... he pulls out a baby doll (Baby Alive)

Me - I think he is going to throw it in the air or something...

Lucas does this......

Then he says, "Isn't this awesome mom? It's like a wicked baby. ahahahaha"

What is wrong with my kid?

Here are some more pictures of this wicked baby

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