Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Warning - don't teach your kids pranks!

A few months ago I showed Addison a prank to play on people! Now I'm wishing I never showed her because she is using it on me almost daily now! :-)

One night Kyle was taking a shower, so I told Addison to get a cup of cold water and pour it on him. ha.. I tried warning him but he didn't get what I was saying!

About a week ago she did it to me for the first time! Since then every time I shower it has happened! Today I had a different experience! I heard the water in the sink on so I looked out and Addison had her cup..... but...... Lucas also had a cup in the toilet getting water! :-) I started screaming (they sometimes forget to flush :-) and told them to stop. Luckily there was no pee in the toilet but we will not be using that cup anymore! :-)

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