Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Addison started Kindergarten!

My big girl in now in kindergarten and loves it!! It does help that most of the kids in her preschool are in her class... plus her friend Veronica, our neighbor. The first week of school they went from 8-10:45 then it was from 8-12:30. next week is their first full day of class. Addison loves that she gets to learn so much and play with all of her friends. I thought it would be a hard adjustment for her but it has went very smooth!!

Addison has been learning so much everyday. When she went to kindergarten she didn't know what sounds any of the letters made and now she knows them all!! Plus she can now spell and recognize about 20 words. She's been in school for only 9 half days and doing so awesome!!

Addison wears her heart Justin Bieber necklace to school everyday. She really thinks she will marry him one day. Two days ago when she got out of school she was so excited that the birthday girl picked her for a game. Then yesterday she jumped in the car and started digging through her backpack. The birthday girl, Sadie, had gave her some of her Justin Bieber stickers that she got on her birthday. :-) Addison was soooo happy. It also made me very happy to know that Addison can make friends so easily.

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