Monday, October 3, 2011


Addison will hate me one day for this post! :-)

Today I got a phone call from the school nurse. When she told me who she was I started to panic - knowing that Addison went to school healthy as could be. Then she went on for a minute about Addison's shirt and how it was so cute - the lady didn't know I was about to sit down the phone and sprint to the school. After talking about Addison's cute shirt she asked if I could bring a new outfit to school for Addison because she had an "accident". ahhhhhhh.... she just peed her pants! The boys and I got some new clothes and headed to school. Addison couldn't wait to change and get back to her class. She did not care at all or was not embarrassed one bit.

Since she has been potty trained (a little over 2 years) she has only had maybe 4-5 accidents. They have all happened when she was playing and didn't want to stop.

I really thought she would have been embarrassed and not want to go back to class... and I was kinda hoping for that so she didn't do it again.

Sitting back and thinking about the phone call now - I should have realized it was nothing serious since the nurse was all relaxed and talking about clothes. It's hard when you have no idea what your kids are up to at school!

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