Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year I let the kids be whatever they wanted. I like to have a theme but it didn't happen this year.

Addison wanted to be Scooby real bad but we couldn't find her size anywhere. S0, she decided to be Gangsta' Girl!! :-) It included a pink tommy gun *I think that was the selling point*!! I spent an hour curling her hair for pictures and once she found out that Aunt Stephie wasn't coming she brushed them all out. ugh... I didn't get one picture of it.

Lucas wanted to be the Orange Ninja Turtle but we couldn't find that costume anywhere. We saw the other colors - just no orange. He picked out Ironman!! It surprised me that he didn't want to be a transformer - he said that is everyday costumes!

Owen knew what he wanted right away - Thomas the Train! I have always hated this costume... and of course my son picks it. :-) All day on Halloween he was telling me that he wasn't going to be a choo-choo. He even threw his costume in the trash. I don't know what changed but once trick or treating started he got dressed with no problem!

Trick or Treating was great. The weather was better than last year but still kinda chilly. Owen took an hour nap - during his nap he started his nasty coughing again. I think it is the cool air that gets him. After an hour Lucas was ready to go home. He had tired legs and enough candy. Is he really my son? Enough candy? Addison was very excited and wanting to run house to house - until - I dumped her candy in the big bag to lighten her bucket. That pissed her off. She didn't want to share her candy. She was ready to go home and go to bed after that.

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