Thursday, January 26, 2012

Being a stay at home mommy

This post is all about me venting about my crazy but lovable life.  I do not want to hear about working moms and they have it rough.  I can't imagine leaving my kids to go to work...I understand they have it hard...


I need a break.  My kids are my life and  I love them too pieces!  The past 2 months I haven't been kid-free for more than 2 minutes.  Sleeping doesn't count...but I always have a kid climb in bed so I probably could count sleeping!  I am not complaining about having to spend time with my kids... I enjoy every second of spending time with them. 

Now that Addison is in school she wants my attention every second she is home.  I am fine with this.  She went from getting attention every second to sharing the attention at school.  Very hard...   Kyle and I don't get "us" time until it's bedtime.  Lately bedtime has been getting earlier each night.  Once the kids are in bed it's time for cleaning up, getting lunch & clothes ready for the next day, sitting down to breath and then it's my bedtime. 

I wake up every day with my kids telling me it's daytime and the sun is up!

Owen is very much my son.  He hates being by himself.  If Lucas won't play with him he is on me begging to wrestle or play Lego's.  Lucas now thinks he is a big kid and Owen is a baby.... so he likes to play alone a lot!! 

I am lucky if I get in a 2 minute shower without a kid or dog trying to get in.  If a kid does get in the water temperature goes from extremely hot to freezing.  Not enjoyable!  Most days I leave the shower with soap still in my hair because I hear the kids doing something bad!

My house is going every 2 weeks with being sick.  We have caught strep, pink eye, the flu, allergic reactions, colds.... everything!  :-)  When my kids are sick they are really needy...all kids are...

**I just got interrupted by Lucas.  He now has a rash on his elbows and starting on his face.  I can't vent anymore... mommy is needed!!

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