Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ft. Wayne Zoo

Yesterday we took the big kids to the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo. It was the first time we took our kids there so we weren't sure what to expect! The first thing we did was go to the African Journey. Our favorite part was feeding the giraffes. For $1.00 you can feed a piece of lettuce to a giraffe. All 4 of us did it for the first time! I always thought giraffes were mean! ha.. Their big heads for inches away from ours! It was so cool! The Austrailian Adventure was pretty cool also. The kangaroos can jump around right next to you! It was really hot so they were all laying around when we were by them. One of the kids favorites was the petting zoo. They got to brush and feed the goats! The goats tried eating the kids was so cute!

The food was priced pretty cheap I thought, and it wasn't bad!

We loved our trip to the zoo and WILL go back again very soon!

** On the way home I told Addison to tell daddy thank you for the trip and this is what she said,
"Mommy is PURRfect and daddy is stinky! Mommy is PURRfect and daddy is stinky. Mommy is PURRfect and daddy is stinky!"

We loved this zoo!! 5 stars!!!

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