Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life changes so quick...

Our Wedding - 2005
Addison arrives - 2006
Lucas arrives - 2007
Zoe joins our family - 2008
Owie arrives - 2009
Wow... I guess we have had a pretty boring life the last 2 years.  No new members to the family... well...Mystery. {my kids still talk about him.}

I have been in baby mode since I found out that my sister is expecting.  I am so ready for a new little baby to hold and cuddle!!  Kyle & I are done having kids so now I just want tons of nieces and nephews!!

I started my blog as a way to journalize our life.  I have a horrible memory as always forget to write stuff in the baby books.  My blog has helped me remember all the fun stuff.  I even have printed it out and made a book into it!! 

So... I am going to write about each one of those pictures...

Our wedding!
It was amazing.  With it being in November we figured it would be a cold fall day but it was beautiful out.  The morning seemed to drag by as slow as possible.  Ceremony was perfect and the reception was a blast!!  I'm pretty sure my husband danced the entire time!  :-)  Sorry to all of our guest he didn't talk to!  :-)  6 years have went by already... hard to believe.  I fall in love with him more and more every single day!

Addison Arrives!
Our first baby. Our little princess!!  I had a great pregnancy...some morning sickness in the beginning but not bad.  I craved ketchup & mustard with everything.  Oh.. and pickles!!  I would eat a jar of pickles at 1 sitting.  At 35 weeks I started to dilate....37 weeks I was at 3cm...but didn't have my princess until 39w6d.....and I was induced.  Labor was the easier than my easy pregnancy....stupid morning sickness!  :-)  During pushing we were talking about the Cubs & the weather.  Kyle and my sister were in the room with me!!  Addison was born with thick dark dark brown hair.  She was short & chubby!!  Perfect!!  Our whole family was at the hospital waiting to meet our new princess!  This was the perfect pregnancy & delivery!

Lucas Arrives!
My pregnancy seemed to go by much quicker since I was taking care of Addison.  Addison was only 3 months old when I found out I was pregnant!!  We were so excited to find out it was a boy.  We would have our little girl & boy!!  I craved big home cooked meals!!  My mom was awesome during this time... she always made my favorite for me! 

Halfway through my pregnancy I found out that I was very anemic.  Dangerously anemic.    Until Lucas was born I had to drive an hour 3x a week to get iron treatments. They were double doses also so it took longer!  90 minutes... with a baby who was close to 1 years old and knew how to walk! My amazing parents always helped me and took me.... since I couldn't chase around Addison while having an IV in.  For 3 months we had to do that... fun huh?  Again I started to dilate at 35 weeks.  A few trips to the hospital with false labor... at 36w. 

April 10th was Addison's birthday.  We were throwing her a small party at my moms.  I did NOT want to have Lucas on Addison's birthday.  Them having their own birthday was very important to me.  During the whole day I was having horrible back pain and knew Lucas would be coming soon but tried to get through the day.  After the last birthday present was opened I said, "Let's go."  It was hard to move but I was afraid I was having Lucas that second.  My whole family froze for a second because none of them knew I felt bad.  Kyle got the car and rushed me to the hospital.  Stupid back labor....  they did induce me and I had Lucas the next morning!  WOOHOO!! Their own birthdays!!  Delivery was very easy.... I did have a harder time breathing because my back pain... Kyle, my sister, Kyle's sister & my best friend Amanda were all in the room.  My little boy was very skinny & long!!  He was born at 36w6d.  This pregnancy & delivery was so much different than the first time.  I think I expected it to be the same!

Zoe dog joins our family!!
First, I am NOT an animal person.  I bet my family was shocked when I said we were getting a puppy.  My kids begged me for so long and loved playing with my mom & neighbors dog so I felt bad.  I am a mom who will do anything & everything for my kids so I got a dog.  It took us a little while to figure out what kind we wanted and what kind would fit our family the best.  A puppy lab!  The first few weeks having her home (we got her at 8w) were harder than having a baby at home.  She had horrible diarrhea the first few nights... and rolled in it.  2am baths were not fun!  :-)  After that was the chewing... cabinets...tables..chairs... trim...  :-)  I think Kyle wanted to kill me!  We bought a new coffee table and within 2 days Zoe chewed a huge part of it off...  :-)  Thanks dog!

A month after having her we found out that I was pregnant! YAY!!  Not really a good time to have a puppy though.  My lovely husband was great and helped feed her and take her out a TON!!  She is a perfect fit in our family.  She is just as crazy as the rest of us!!  I think we have the most hyper dog in the world!  :-)

Owen Arrives!
It started with horrible morning sickness.  I couldn't get out of bed until I ate something... my super husband would get me a bowl of cereal every morning!!  Apple Jacks most of the time!!
I really wanted a boy because Addison's drama exhausted me.  :-) 

Starting at 30 weeks I was getting UTI's that would not go away.  UTI's can cause stronger contractions... so I was in pain constantly.  None of the medicines would work.  It would take 2 different medicines to get rid of a UTI.  This caused many trips to the hospital and being sent home with a new medicine.  Finally at 36w6d I had contractions that were not going away and not normal.  We went to the hospital thinking we were just going to be sent back home.... and a few hours later Owen was born. 

This delivery was completely different from my first two.  In the room with me was just Kyle.  My brother Joe was outside the room though... so he was kinda there!  My epidural was too strong... I couldn't feel anything.  Owen's heartbeat started to drop.  When I was told to push I couldn't... I thought I was.  The Dr. started getting louder and telling me to push but I couldn't.  They had to use the vacuum and he was out quick.  He had a head full of dark curly hair and was my smallest baby!!  After a few minutes of holding him the Dr. took him to the nursery.  He was a little blue (perfect to me) and the Dr. was worried about him.

Hours and hours went by and I couldn't see Owen.  My epidural was so strong that I couldn't walk for 10 hours after delivery.  Because of that I couldn't go to the nursery to see Owen.  Finally at 10am I could walk.  Owen had tubes on his face and I started to really panic.  We were told to go to our room to receive a phone call from a different hospital's NICU.  This phone call is hard to remember...  I know it was about moving Owen to a different hospital.... fluid in his lungs... that's all I remember. 

Shortly after that phone call an ambulance was waiting for Owen outside.  This was 12 hours after delivery.  They released me from the hospital so we could follow Owen to the hospital.  Being released was a little surprising.  I was just able to walk 2-3 hours before that. 

We got to the new hospital and ran to the NICU.  Being there was the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with.  My baby had all kinds of tubes & iv's on him.  I felt like I did something wrong to cause him the pain he was having. 

Leaving the hospital with Owen still there was so hard.  I was afraid something would happen when I was gone.  We went home to sleep and shower and went back to the NICU.  I think I only slept an hour... worrying too much!!  This happened for a few days.  I think that during this week I got maybe 4 hours of sleep total.  I would have Kyle call the NICU at 2am to check on Owen. 

During this time of rushing to the hospital, to my moms (to see my other kids) and back home to relax  -  I started having some problems.  I won't go into details about this but my Dr. put me on bedrest for a few days.  WHAT?  My baby was in danger and my other kids were at my moms... I couldn't be on bedrest.  The stress, no sleep & just having a baby was too much on my body.

I sent Kyle to the NICU to see Owen and it killed me that I couldn't be there.  Kyle took lots of pictures and even got to hold Owen. 

Owen had too much fluid in his lungs from the fast delivery and his lungs were not fully developed.  After a week in the hospital he was ready to come home.  The phone call saying we could pick him up was the best!!  Even though I was suppose to be on bedrest I wasn't going to miss picking up my son from the hospital.  I was so excited to bring him home to finally really meet his family.  During the NICU stay the only people who could see him was grandparents & Kyle and I.

I always say that if I had Owen first I wouldn't have had any other kids.  His pregnancy/delivery was horrible and I would never want to go through that again. 

Wow - time goes by so quick. 

While writing this I had to get up over 100 times to do different things with the kids.  We have pink eye!   fun fun!!  So I am ending it now... maybe later I can add a few more pictures and edit it a bit!

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