Monday, January 9, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I haven't blogged in awhile so I have a lot to catch up on!  The holidays kept us so busy plus we were sick so I had no time on the computer.

Christmas break started off great.  Day 1 we went to see the new chipmunk movie.  Thank you mom!  Chipwrecked.  My kids LOVED it!!  I found a new way to keep Owen quiet during the movie also - ring pops!!  I will be sneaking these into every theater now!!

My kids love the when the chipettes sing Whip My Tail!

Aunt Becky reading the awesome card!
Next was Christmas! Christmas Eve morning we went to see my Aunt Becky in a Christmas play. I only took the big kids because I knew my little wild boy wouldn't be able to sit long.  The kids were really interested for most of it but it was too long for them.  I was shocked that they watched so much of it.  After the play we gave Aunt Becky her Christmas present - a handmade scarf made by me!  :-)

Orange & Black scarf for A.Becky
On the way home from church Addison told me she picked out a new job for when she is older.  A church owner.  At first I didn't know what was going on in her head....and then it hit me.  She noticed people handing out money and Addison LOVES money.   I didn't say anything and just let her talk about it.  She said it would be the best job ever because we talk about Jesus and people just give you money to talk.  It's like a big party.  <-- This is so Addison.  I did explain everything to her when she was finished but it was fun listening to her!

We always spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws! We had a great time and even Santa showed up!  The kids  loved all of their gifts & have went on and on about Grandpa being magic.

Before we went to grandpa & grandma S's for Christmas we sat out Santa's milk and cookies & the reindeer food... just in case we were sleeping when we got home.  The kids were awake so we checked out where Santa was - Santa Clause, Indiana!  Since he was so close Addison rushed to bed and was asleep within seconds.  Lucas watched a movie and was asleep with no problems.  At this time Santa came to our house and put together the gifts & ate all the cookies & milk.

Christmas morning I woke up super early and was dying to wake my family up but I was nice and let them sleep a little longer.  If you aren't up before 6 on Christmas what kind of person are you?  :-)   My family would have been okay with waking up at 8 but I couldn't let that happen.  The kids loved all of their new toys & was so surprised with what Santa got them.

Lucas got a Wii
Lucas has been begging for a new Wii.  Ours has been broke and he hasn't been able to play it.  He was so surprised to see that Santa got him a NEW one!! Santa also brought a few new games!  Mommy & daddy got him lots of Legos, Nintendo DS games, DVDS & much much more.  Addison went shopping for the first time and got Lucas some blow up punching gloves.  Lucas' favorite Christmas toy - Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Electronic Fire Station Prime Playset.

Addison got drums!
For the last 3 months Addison has been begging for a drum set.  Since we are in the middle of making a playroom in the basement I told her no we will get one after the playroom is finished.  We have no space upstairs right now!  Well, Santa got her a drum set.  We had one very happy little girl!!  Mommy & Daddy got her lots of puppy dogs, dressup stuff & DVD's.  Addison's favorite present  - her drums!!  Thank goodness that Santa didn't listen to mommy & daddy.  She has been making all kinds of songs up & singing while playing.  I have one very talented little girl!
Owen got a big wheel & CANDY
 Owen is a hard kid to buy for.  He is only 2 1/2 years old but loves all of his big brothers cool toys.  I hate buying the same toys that Lucas already has but needed to buy Owen something. We ended up buying him lots of Cars stuff & tools.  Santa brought him a Thomas Big Wheel.  Owen calls it his motorcycle!  :-)  Owen was so fun to watch this year.  He opened his presents and was excited with each one.  Addison got Owen a few Cars cars.  :-)  Owen's favorite present is probably his "motorcycle."  He has been driving it all over the house and screams when anyone else touches it.

My kids biggest surprise was something my dad did for them.  It was so very sweet and my kids will never forget it.

Lucas & the reinder antler
On Christmas morning after we opened all the presents I told Addison to look outside at the reindeer food.  She opened the door and her face was priceless.  She said, "wow, there is a reindeer antler outside."  :-)  I laughed and asked her if she was crazy.  Her reply, "Yes, I am crazy."  hehe...
My dad found it at work on Christmas Eve and dropped it off that night.  Lucas wants to take it to a museum because he has never seen a reindeer antler before!!  Such a smart boy!! The kids tell everyone what it is and that it is magic!!

Addison & Einstein
After Christmas we had 2 birthdays left in 2011.  Uncle Steven's & Aunt Stephies.  We celebrated with Uncle Steven & had some great fajitas... yum!!!  For Stephie's birthday my kids had caught strep throat and were on medicine.  After 24 hours on the medicine we loaded in the car and rushed down to celebrate with my sister.    We had cake & tons of snacks to celebrate that night with.  Owie wasn't doing too good so we stayed a few hours and went home.  Kyle and I celebrated 2012 in the car driving into our subdivision!!

Joe, Louie, Me & Stephie*birthday girl*
I hope all of my friends & family had a great Christmas & an awesome new year!!  Our new year has been kinda rocky so far but it's gotta get better!!  :-) 

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