Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow - love it or hate it?


I have lived in Indiana my whole life so I've had to deal with snow since I was little.  I have no problem with the snow.  It's fun to play in and is very pretty.  This is my 12th winter driving in the snow - I've had my share of spinning, driving into fields & getting stuck.  No problem....

What I HATE about the snow is how crazy other drivers are on the roads.  I have very precious cargo and drive very cautious.  No - I'm not one of those dangerous people that barely move and cause accidents.  I do drive safe and what's comfortable for me though.  People in these huge SUV's or trucks get so close behind me that I get so nervous.

We live close to the school so there are no buses by us.  These crazy little kids run out in front of cars like it's no big deal.  Today I came VERY VERY close to hitting a boy crossing the street.  In my subdivision the speed limit is 20mph so thank goodness I wasn't going too fast... I stopped just in time to miss the boy. 

So - I love the snow but hate people in the snow!  :-)

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