Friday, July 5, 2013

Review - Furby

Furby - Do not waste your money.  We have 3 of these.  I think we have went through 100+ batteries since Christmas with them.  I'm not joking.  You can't turn them off.  If you are on a 5 hour trip home from Ohio it will talk the entire ride!  :-)  Then when your son wakes up the next morning his Furby is dead...again.  Every time we have to change batteries we have to reset the Furby.  I'm not sure if we are doing something wrong or not.  It loses everything that was saved.  OH... another fun one.  My kids want me to look online to see what their Furby is saying.  Doo or ee-kay!  It doesn't shut up!  ugh...  It also sings songs that get stuck in your head.  I find myself out shopping singing the songs!  At night it's kinda freaky when you hear something moving or talking in your kids room too.  One night I walked in the boys room to take their Furby out of the room and it had evil eyes!  Creepy!!
Lucas is my only kid who LOVES his Furby!!  My other two have forgot about them!  Lucas loves watching his Furby dance!  He cracks up over it!!

I just looked online at Target for Furbys.  I'm kinda furious!  I spent $50.00 for each Furby and you can buy some now for $18.00!!  Stupid Christmas shopping prices!!  I still do not think it's worth it for $18.00!! 

Horrible buy!

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