Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I need a break....

Anyone have a kid that does not like to work?  Owen is always trying to get out of any sort of work he is told to do. 

On Easter we went to my inlaws house!  During the winter a plow moved some rocks into the grass.  Well, there is finally no snow so they needed moved back to where they belong!  Grandpa told the kids he would pay them if they moved them!  Addison & Lucas got right to work!  No breaks needed!  Owen started.  A minute later he was laying in the grass taking a break!  ha... seriously kid?

The same day we were at my parents house.  Easter egg hunt time!  All the kids go outside and start getting ready.  Owen goes inside and says, "I don't like working for candy."  He was 100% fine with not running around looking for eggs. 

We signed him up for football starting in August (his idea)!  ha... not sure he realizes that he has to run around there!

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