Wednesday, September 16, 2009

baby weight

I am having such a hard time losing my baby weight. I have had 3 kids but I'm still young... it should fall off a lot easier than this!! My neighbor and I have been running for 3 weeks now and I am gaining weight!!!! I know they say muscles weigh more than fat but I am killing myself with running! We started doing the couch to 5k workout... we got bored with it so started doing our own thing. A few nights ago we ran 8 minutes STRAIGHT....
I think we are going to start going to the ymca and taking a Zumba class. Hopefully it will be something fun that we enjoy!
Anyone have any suggestions on how to lose weight?

OH...I can NOT diet!! I always cheat...


  1. If you stop worring about it and just do something you enjoy just for fun the weight will just drop without you noticing it..Believe me. It's when you get my age and i do everything as far as cutting out pop and sweets..I do cheat now and than but the baby wieght just wont hardly budge..I always thought i would loose it cause ive never really been over weight until i had my last one and now it seems no matter what i do it won't come off but as young as you are just enjoy life and not worry and take care of yourself and you'll have no problem.

  2. thank you! I noticed that drinking LOTS of water has helped me!! I also have been cooking better - my husband is probably very happy that I'm cooking!! :-)