Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Experiment - My day - Tuesday

4:00am - Change Owen's diaper and feed him
5:15am - Put him to bed and go back to bed
6:15am - Alarm goes off - hubby hits snooze
6:30am - Alarm goes off - wake up
Check weather on *COLD, YUCK*
6:45am - Take dog out and feed her - WET MUDDY DOG - now she needs a bath tonight
6:50am - Make Addison's lunch for school
7:00am - Get Lucas out of the shower and dressed
7:10am - Give Owen and bath and dressed
7:25am - Check facebook and email
7:30am - Take a shower with Addison
7:45am - Out of shower, get dressed, get Addison dressed
8:00am - Get shoes and coats on kids - FALL COATS & HATS STILL HAVE TAGS ON THEM..
8:10am - Everyone buckled in the car
8:15am - Take daddy to work - road is closed, detour
8:37am - Drop daddy off and hurry to school
8:57am - Get to school, get sleepy kids out of the car and into the school (getting rained on)
9:05am - Make Addison go potty...
9:15am - Owen, Lucas & I leave the school (get rained on again)
9:16am - Buckle kids in and leave
9:20am - Get to Casey's Gas Station - Lucas gets juice and candy - coolers don't work :-( no pop
9:25am - Buckle kids in
9:28am - Get home, go inside
9:30am - Open Lucas' candy and juice
9:45am - Take sleepy Owen out of his car seat and put him in his crib
9:50am - Blog for a few minutes
10:00am - Change Lucas' poopy diaper
10:05am - Change Owen's poopy diaper
10:06am - Put Owen down for tummy time
10:15am - Tie Zoe up outsdie (raining outside)
10:30am - Try to get Zoe to come inside (still raining)
10:31am - Build a birdhouse with Lucas
10:45am - Try to get Zoe inside (POURING OUT)
10:46am - Go back to building a birdhouse
10:50am - Change Owen's poopy diaper
11:00am - Force Zoe to come inside (we are both soaked, and now I am muddy from her jumping on me, still raining)
11:15am - Turn tv on for Lucas and play with Owen
11:30am - Feed Owen
11:45am - Change Owens diaper
11:47am - Change Lucas' diaper
11:50am - Coats & shoes on
11:55am - Get in car seats and leave
12:00pm - Pick Addison up from school (still raining)
12:15pm - Get in car seats and leave
12:20pm - Check mail -nothing yet
12:21pm - Run inside and get diaper bag
12:25pm - Drive to NJ to visit mom
12:40pm - Stop at BK and get a Whopper & Mozz sticks!
1:00pm - Get to moms
1:10pm - Change Lucas' poopy diaper
1:15pm- 4:45pm ? at moms talking to her and Joe
4:45pm - Get in car seats and leave
5:35pm - Get to Kyle's job to pick him up
5:50pm - Get home
6:00pm - Check out new website that Kyle told me about. moms4moms
6:15pm - argued with Kyle on who feeds Owen :-) Kyle fed him!
6:30pm - Started cooking and cleaning
7:15pm - Talk to the boys while they eat
8:00pm - Go to my neighbors
9:00pm - Come home, talk to Lucas for awhile
9:10pm - Change diaper, put jammies on
9:20pm - Make Lucas go to bed
9:30pm - Addison is awake from her nap! :-) great...it's 930 at night!
9:35pm - Lucas gets out of bed and wants to talk to Addison
Make Addison go potty and get jammies on (Kyle brushes teeth)
9:40pm - Kyle, Addison, Lucas and I all talk about school, animals, different stuff to stay awake!! "Why do cows eat grass?" - Addison
10:00pm - Kyle & Lucas move Lucas' mattress into Addison's room. Scooby Doo gets turned on. I pick up Addison's room
10:10pm - Lucas wants to go back to his room... too scary for him :-)
Hugs & Kisses
10:20pm - Make premade bottles for Owen
10:30pm - hungry but too lazy to make anything
10:35pm - Lay in bed........ahhhhhhhh... so nice!! watch tv

not too sure when I fell asleep.

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