Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Day - Wednesday - updating all day

3:10am - Ask Kyle to change Owen's diaper
3:20am - Feed Owen
3:45am - Put Owen to bed
3:46am - Lay down
4:15am - Fell asleep sometime after that
6:30am - Fed Owen
6:55am - Change Owen's diaper
7:00am - Started cleaning (water guy has to come do something downstairs)
7:30am - Started drawing with the kids
8:30am - Put Owen in swing - he fell asleep
8:31am - Turned Scooby on for Addison & Max for Lucas
8:35am - moms4mom for awhile
9:00am - dollhouse with Addison
9:20am - ABC's with big kids
9:30am - Feed Owen
10:00am - Change boys diapers
10:05am - Let Zoe outside
10:05am - Wash swing cover (Lucas emptied out his juice on it)
10:10am - fold and put away clothes
10:15am - Let Zoe in
10:20am - blog a few minutes
10:30am - belly time for Owen
10:45am - talk to hubby on Windows Live Messenger
11:00am - Made PB & J's in dino and butterfly shapes
11:15am - Cleaned up kitchen mess
11:20am - Cleaned kids up
11:30am - Took Owen's 3-6 month clothes out of his room :-(
11:45am - Laundry -new clothes in washer, folded clean clothes, never ending
12:00pm - BLOG!
12:15pm - Watched Scooby with the kids
1:00pm - Read books to the kids
1:30pm - shower
1:45pm - Called neighbor - Jessica
2:00pm - brought Zoe inside
2:15pm - more books
2:30pm - Laundry, fold and put away - bedroom curtains washed finally...something I've been putting off
2:45pm - sing and dance with kids
3:00pm - help clean Addison's room
3:05pm - change Lucas & Owen's poopy diapers
3:10pm - feed Owen
3:20pm - Change Owen's clothes because he spit up ALL over the place
3:30pm - get the kids a snack -carrots and ranch
3:45pm - wash the kids sheets
4:00pm - blog

*I don't post what Kyle does *feedings, diapers, baths...

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  1. If only our husbands could realize how busy we ACTUALLY are!