Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Traditions @ The Sonaty's house

We always start with putting decorations up. It's usually in the beginning of October sometime but this year it was in the middle of September! My kids could not wait. There were a few decorations they said were scary and wanted me to throw in the trash. I didn't... I just put them back in the box and in the basement.

Next is picking out the costumes! I wanted my kids to pick them out themselves this year. Addison wanted to be a princess in a skimpy dress. We live in NW Indiana, it's freezing on Halloween!! I talked her into Jesse (Toy Story). Then it was Lucas' turn to pick out a costume. He wanted Jesse (Toy Story)! He walked out of the store crying but I bought him a Woody (Toy Story) costume that he will love once trick-or-treating comes. I wanted something comfy for Owen. He is only 4 months so he can't even sit up yet. I found a dino costume at Carters that is perfect. It's a once piece warm costume!!

Next we get to pick out pumpkins, carve them and show them to the world outside our house! There is a pumpkin patch a mile away that we go to. We get on a hayride and go to pick out our own pumpkins. Yesterday Addison had a field trip to the pumpkin patch and Lucas and I got to go along. We got 5 big pumpkins and a few small ones. When we got home the kids and I carved quite a few pumpkins. Addison & Lucas would not put their hands inside the pumpkin until I bribed them with a popsicle! After that they would not put their hands back in. Addison even said that the inside of the pumpkin was making her queasy. :-)

About a week before Halloween we go to Boo at the Zoo. They have businesses passing out candy and everyone is dressed up. The kids have always loved going!!

On Halloween we go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. This year we will probably take the double stroller in case one of the big kids get tired. If it's too cold we'll just take Owen to the neighbors and then he can pass out candy with mommy or daddy!

We have a Little People Halloween CD that we listen to every time we are in the car. The kids love singing songs and it gives us some new songs for a month!

We hope you have a great Halloween!!

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