Friday, October 9, 2009


My husband showed me a great new site. It's called moms4mom. You ask other parents questions and get rated on how good your answer or question is. It's very addicting so you might not want to go there!

I got this information from the site... is a place where pregnant women, new, and experienced Moms and Dads can go to ask questions and share their experiences with other parents. Who knows better than another parent? Unlike typical forums, which list posts chronologically, is based on new software (developed for the StackOverflow website) that allows you to rate answers as helpful. The answers rated most helpful show up at the top of the page, just under the question. I envision as an amalgamation of knowledge from books, other websites, and personal experience, all ranked by how helpful it is to other Moms and Dads. The site is designed to be "search engine friendly", so someone who types a question into Google should see relevant answers on close to the top of the list. This is a site built by parents for every parent.

There is also a curious home and a list of many others.

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