Thursday, October 8, 2009

The bead

older blog from myspace...

Addison has many little bead necklaces that she plays with daily. When they break I usually find beads all over the house. I try finding them all to toss, but I'll find some months later hidden somewhere.

Today Addison came to me pointing to her nose. I told her to go get a Kleenex and blow it. She usually does this with NO problem but always has to tell me about it. She got really upset and told me that she wanted me to do it. So I went into the bathroom, got a Kleenex and then realized that there was a BEAD in her nose. I started to panic so I screamed at Kyle to get the phone. Of course it was not on the charger! So that made him start to freak out. Then Addison said, "I did it... I got it!" She blew the bead out, thank goodness I have showed her how to blow her nose. She hugged me very tight for a few minutes after. I think it scared her too death!

yes... I took a picture of the bead!

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  1. Glad she's okay! When she's older she'll laugh that she did it :)