Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My mom reminded me of a funny story today! This happened a few months ago... I have a black lab who is now 14 months old. She is a very hyper but great dog.

older blog from my myspace....

A few weeks ago we got a noise complaint about Zoe. Police officer knocked on the door, talked to my mom and left. No ticket. I wasn't home so I don't know if it was her barking or not...

Last night we got another noise complaint. Zoe had been outside for no more than 3 minutes and I didn't even hear her bark once. I looked outside and she was laying on the ground eating a bone!! When the doorbell rang she started barking because she knew someone was at the house. Most dogs do bark when someone is at their house!! We were told if we have another complaint about her I'm getting a ticket.

So today I called the police department to find out the rules! They told me that no dogs should bark!!!!! ha... Does anyone know a dog that doesn't bark?!?! Zoe is only 6 months old, she's going to bark at a car or dog going by!

I was told that the first ticket is $25.00 - second is $50.00 - third is $100.00 and after that I can go to court. If more than one person complains I can get her impounded! Zoe wakes up everyday at 6:30am and goes to bed around 9:30pm. I hear dogs barking at 2am.... I don't complain....

I also have to register my dog in town (which I did not know about). It's $6.00! If I don't register her I can get double fined everytime there is a complaint made. Since this blog I have registered her...

It just really makes me mad! Zoe is a good dog and has a LOUD bark but hardly barks! she likes to bark a lot at my mom...not sure why! She does bark when someone new is at the house or has to go outside to go potty.... but that's pretty much it. OH.... she barks when Lucas pulls her tail...but come on!
Crazy huh?

Well, we found out who was complaining. A grouchy old man that lives behind me. When I was in the hospital having Owen him and my mom got into a BIG argument because of Zoe. He has NEVER said a thing to Kyle, my kids or me.


  1. Wow that's crazy! I'm very surprised I've never received any complaints about Marley lol :)

  2. I have an old grouch that lives behind me!! Zoe barks... but not where I deserve to have the cops at my house!