Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Addison's class went trick-or-treating at the police station, town hall and in the classroom. This year Addison is going as Jesse from Toy Story. All the kids at school looked so cute. There were a bunch of princess', dino's and fairies. Some other costumes were spiderman, cowboy, bumblebee, fireman, duck and Hannah Montana even made an appearance! The kids had a great time! A police officer gave some safety tips for trick-or-treating and hopefully the kids listen to them!

A few days later was the town trick-or-treating and the kids had a blast!! At first the big kids would sit in the wagon after each house, but thankfully their fantastic Uncle Joe was here to pull it!! :-) Addison got tired of doing that and started walking like a big girl! A few houses passing out candy scared her so she was kind of hesitant going to some doors. She kept telling us the dangers on Halloween and what the police officer had told her. She's so smart!! :-) After awhile we caught up with the neighbor and his dad, Logan & Drew! Addison & Logan go to school together and are great friends! They held hands and went door to door... it was adorable! Kyle ended up putting Lucas on his shoulders to make it go a little faster. IT WAS COLD OUT!! I made my kids wear their hats under their cowboy/girl hats so it didn't look the best but they stayed warm! Lucas wouldn't let go of his hat because he was afraid it'd fall off. We ended up getting tons of candy! It was a great Halloween!

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