Monday, November 23, 2009


Do any moms or dads have days that you just want to go outside and SCREAM! The past 2 weeks my kids have been horrible. From the time they wake up until I FORCE them to bed they are fighting, whining or getting into something they know they are not suppose to. I stare at the clock waiting for Kyle to get off of work so I can have 5 minutes in the bathroom to cry. How sad! Addison & Lucas are starting to play very rough and fighting over every toy. They use to play great together! Owen is teething so that explains him! Addison & Lucas were not bad when it came to teething but Owen SCREAMS & SCREAMS until I give him medicine.

If I have a schedule of the day and the kids know it, then we usually have a good day. They need me doing different activities every second though. So far today, this has been our schedule.
8:00am - wake up - change diapers and clothes
8:20am - eat - toast and yogurt
8:45am - yes... 25 minutes later... clean up time. Addison got the broom and Lucas got the dust pan... I think they made a BIGGER mess for ME to clean up!
9:00am - wash hands and I clean up the mess in the kitchen
9:15am - scavenger hunt
9:40am - kids started fighting so they went to time out (ahhh... relax time)
9:41am - Owen started screaming.. relax time is OVER
10:00am - get stuff out to make a Christmas tree craft out of their hand prints!
10:01am - they were spitting on the paper so I put it away
10:15am - snack time - celery & pb
10:45am - clean up time - Addison got the broom and Lucas got the dustpan. This time they actually cleaned up good... maybe it was because no food actually hit the floor! :-D
10:55am - Wash hands... peanut butter does not come off easy. Somehow they managed to get it all over the mirror, sink, toilet and door!
11:00am - I put on Handy Manny in my room, Owen fell asleep in the swing and the kids watched the show while I cleaned up the bathroom.

It's not even noon and I'm ready for bed! not a nap... bedtime. Any other parents feel like this ever?


  1. Savannah... there was a Baby Blues cartoon in a recent paper, and I wanted to share it with you. Ironically, I found it and thought of you before you ever posted this. I wanted to share because I know how challenging being a mom can be, and the cartoon did a good job of expressing the way "we" feel. It does help to know we're not alone in our frustrations. I don't have the cartoon now because there was a Twilight cartoon on the flip side of that, and Micah thought it was so funny that he took it to school to share with friends. The fun never ends.... LOL

  2. I ALWAYS have days like this!!! Mackenzie goes to school now, so she is picking up the attitudes from other kids there and bringing them home with her. She has the biggest attitude toward her brother and sister! It drives me nuts! And with my mom living two doors down, Renae, my sister, who is 6 1/2, comes over with an extra attitude. Some days, I don't know how I will ever make it through the day! Right now, I only have Chandler(Kenzie is in school and Mariah is in Ft. Wayne with her dad), so it is pretty peaceful!! I am enjoying it while it lasts! :) :) :)