Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jason & Mindy's wedding

Miss Addison got asked to be in her first wedding! aww... it seems hard to believe that my baby is old enough to play a role in a wedding! She will be the flower girl in Jason & Mindy's wedding in July 2010! For the past month she has been asking all kinds of questions on what she is suppose to do. I've even found her walking down the hallway in a princess dress dropping different toys. When I've asked her what she is doing she will scream at me and tell me that she is practicing!

Kyle and I will also be in the wedding!! We are so excited to be a part of a great celebration! Mindy is my first cousin and a GREAT friend! She couldn't have found a better man to marry! Jason fit right into our family from day 1.

I got to go with Mindy to find her wedding dress and she picked the perfect one. I can't wait for everyone to see how beautiful she is on her big day!

Jason & Mindy - goodluck planning.. if you need anything you know we would be happy to help in any way possible!!


  1. Camdyn's going to be in my friends wedding this summer too! :) He doesnt understand though... and it could be disasterous. lol

  2. it will make fun memories at least!! :-)