Friday, November 13, 2009


Today I was in my room on the computer feeding Owen a bottle when Addison came walking in with a permanent maker. Before she said anything I knew what had happened. I put the bottle down and ran into Lucas' room. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........ the door, trim, dresser, toys, toys, bouncer, carpet and more toys all wrote on.
1. Where did he get a permanent marker?
2. How did he write on all of that in 10 minutes? I just walked by with a bottle for Owen.
3. How do I punish him?
4. How do I get it out?

It has been one thing after the next with him.... sometimes I think 10 girls would be easier then 1 boy!

After flipping out I started scrubbing. Toothpaste actually got most of it out of the door. I was told to use a magic eraser for the rest. I'm not even going to try to get them out of the toys. They are getting locked up for a LONG time and in the trash......

Here are some pictures... I hope you enjoy.......

<---- the dresser and wall...
thank goodness I can paint the wall!

toys getting ready to go out --->

door - 15 minutes after scrubbing then realizing that I needed a picture and 30 minutes after scrubbing... The dang door better not get cavities!


  1. aren't throwing away that babies basketball hoop are you? I'll scrub it.

  2. Don't throw that stuff away! Definitely try the Mr. Clean magic eraser first! I've had to use it to scrub marker (not permanant) off my walls and bookcases and it worked wonders! And don't worry we've all been little brother when he was around 3 years old actually once got into some bright red lipstick and completely covered his legs, one arm and part of my white dresser and carpet! lol