Monday, November 16, 2009

Review - The Melting Pot

Kyle and I decided to try a new restaurant for our 4 year anniversary. We wanted something in Chicago and something nice. After I looked online for a few days I had picked The Melting Pot. I had asked a few friends if they had ever been there (thank you facebook friends) and heard nothing but positive feedback! Well, it was AMAZING!!

A week before we planned on going I called and made reservations and mentioned we were coming there to celebrate our anniversary. When we got there the hostess (I think she was the manager) greeted us, took our coats and gave us an anniversary card! After we sat down the server came (within a minute) and also told us Happy Anniversary! Since we had never been there before he explained everything to us and let us look at the menu for awhile. Everything looked so good!! We picked the Alpine Big Night Out which included - Fiesta Cheese (we switched from the default cheese), Alpine Ridge Salad, Fondue Feast in the Coq au Vin cooking style and the pure milk chocolate for dessert! My favorites (can't pick 1) were the Cheese and Chocolate!!!

1st Course - Fiesta cheese fondue - Cheese, salsa, jalapenos and lager... I think... IT WAS SO GOOD!! We dipped chips, bread, celery, cauliflower an apples into it. Strangely, the apples were very good in it.

2nd Course - The Alpine Ridge Salad had a very strong taste that I didn't like. It was mixed greens topped with tomatoes, gruyere, raclette and fontina cheeses, hard-boiled eggs and honey roasted almonds topped with a robust shallot vinaigrette. Kyle ate it and he is not a salad guy.

3rd Course - Fondue Feast - filet mignon, sauerbraten NY strip, nueske's applewood smoked bratwurst, hefeweizen marinated shrimp, roasted garlic crusted chicken, sun dried tomato ravioli and fresh veggies! The cooking style was Coq au Vin - flavors of fresh herbs, mushrooms, garlic, spices and burgundy wine. We thought the burgundy wine was a little strong but the food was SOOO good. Next time we'd like to try the cooking style - Court Bouillon -homemade seasoned vegetable broth.

4th Course - Pure Chocolate Fondue - we had strawberries, bananas, rice krispie treats, brownies, pound cake & cheesecake to dip. My favorite was the strawberries and Kyle loved the rice krispie treats!

When they brought out the chocolate fondue they also brought us some champagne to celebrate our anniversary on the house! How cool!

Our bill was under $100.00 and we had a GREAT time. We were there for 2 1/2-3 hours but loved every minute of it!!

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