Monday, February 1, 2010

Addison said WHAT?

Last week the kids and I were shopping at Walmart and we were using one of the new carts where you can fit 3 kids! I can finally get groceries without having two carts! WOOHOO!! Anyways... I was looking at candy and Addison said, "Mom, that kid is a butthead." My first reaction was to yell at her. I told her that was mean and we do NOT call kids names. I kinda wanted to laugh but didn't want her to see me laughing. Where did she pick up the word butthead? Kyle and I don't use that word. hmm... So then I looked for kid that she was calling a butthead. Found him right away.

Picture this....

5-6 year old boy standing in the front part of a cart trying to reach for something on the top shelf. Seems safe huh? The mom was just watching him try to get it. I wanted to walk by and call HER a butthead.

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