Thursday, February 4, 2010

nobody wants to marry me...

Addison has been all about people getting married lately. It all started when she found out that she was going to be the flower girl in a cousins wedding this summer. She wanted to watch videos of my wedding and youtube videos of strangers weddings! She'll tell me what she wants in her wedding: colorful flowers, butterflies everywhere... real ones, her whole family and cheeseburgers. She doesn't even like cheeseburgers! One day after school she came home real sad and told me this, "Mom, nobody wants to marry me." awwwwww.... it broke my heart. She then tried getting Lucas to marry her and he went screaming and running away. Her daddy said he'd marry her but she turned him down. She thinks he's too old! :-)

I can't wait to help her plan her fairytale wedding that she WILL have! :-) Hopefully it's 20 years away!!

Here is a picture from my magical day!

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