Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl night....

We had a great Super Bowl morning - cleaning, shopping and getting some work done around the house. We had my cousins, Mindy, Jason & Z, over to watch the super bowl and to play with the kids. Things were going great! I made some yummy chili in my new 7qt crock-pot (I am VERY happy with this purchase) and a delicious buffalo chicken dip. When the food was done I wanted to run downstairs and get Z's Christmas gift... I know.. it's February and he is just now getting his gift. As soon as I opened the basement door I heard water spraying everywhere. I screamed for Kyle and started to walk down to look at the damage. After we saw that a pipe didn't break I knew it had to be one of the bathrooms. Kyle ran upstairs and checked both of them. My bathroom was flooded. :-( One of the kids, or maybe all 3 of them, had plugged the sink with the stopper thing... hmmm... what's that called? and left the water on. My job was to clean up all the water in the bathroom while Kyle and Jason cleaned the basement. Mindy watched the kids while we all ran around... the last thing I would have needed is Lucas trying to help clean up water. Water was a few inches deep in my bathroom and was draining in the vent. The carpet in my bedroom next to the bathroom got wet but I think it is drying pretty quick. Nothing upstairs got destroyed except magazines and toilet paper. Downstairs the guys were checking all the electric and sweeping up the water. Just the section under the bathroom got soaked. My basement looked like there was a lake with little rivers going to different areas of the basement. We shut the furnace off (it was around 20 degrees outside) because water from the vent was dripping on the it. We had no idea if water was getting inside it. I just knew my furnace was going to short out and I'd have to be buying a new one. I'm not sure what they did with all the electrical stuff or if it got wet at all. I know our router got wet but it might still work. We have an air hockey table that got most of the water on it. I'm hoping it dries and works still... we haven't tested it out yet. Kyle had a bunch of random computer parts on the air hockey table so I'm pretty sure those are all trash. I had a storage tub full of some picture frames and year books that got soaked. :-( I was just down there cleaning a few days ago and didn't put the lid back on it. There was also a kids swimming pool with books (hundreds of books), remote control cars, doll toys and stuffed animals that is now trash. Tonight we are tossing all of it so I hope I don't find more that got damaged. Well we kept our furnace off for a few hours and with all the people in here it stayed pretty warm. When our guests left we put the kids to bed, cleaned up and relaxed for a few minutes. I noticed it was getting a little cold so I told Kyle to turn the furnace back on. It didn't work.... the flame thing would come on and back off a second later. It finally started working after a long time working on it. Finally time for bed. About an hour of sleeping Addison came into my room and told me that her ear hurt. NOOO.... she was finally feeling better from the last cold. She made me stay up with her for FOUR hours... I did get to doze off every once in awhile but she caught me. She fell asleep when Kyle's alarm was going off for work. I got another hour of sleep but then Owen decided it was time to wake up for the day. Most mornings he wakes up, I make a bottle and let him drink it in my bed then he'll fall asleep for another hour or two. I could hardly keep my eyes open... and luckily he fell asleep after his bottle was gone. Shortly after that Lucas was up and it was time to get out of bed. Normally I put Owen on the floor while I have to do a few things but Addison and Lucas said they'd watch him while I went pee. All of the sudden I hear a BOOM. My first thought was that it was the furnace. Then I heard Owen crying... he fell off of the bed. OH NO... Lucas had put pillows on the floor and had Owen roll off of the bed. I wanted to scream at the kids but they are small... I should be screaming at myself for leaving them in charge of Owen. Owen is okay, I think it just scared him. He fell on about 10 pillows. Today better get easier...

OH, and then the colts lost the super bowl... :-( it was not a good night

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