Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold shower... really?

Addison loves taking a shower with me. Before she gets in she asks me a thousand times if its hot or cold. Then she goes on and on telling me that she likes cold showers. It's never cold enough for her! Well, this morning we were in a hurry so I let her shower by herself.... I was right there watching her every second... don't worry. I thought I'd let her have a COLD shower. The water would have been great if it was a 100 degree day and I just got in from running 10 miles. Before she got in she did the normal hot or cold question. She put one foot in and got a huge smile and jumped in. She LOVED it. The water was freezing; I have no idea how she was not an ice sculpture! She told me it was the best shower ever and she doesn't want any more warm showers. We live in NW Indiana and it's winter outside - our house is freezing now. Why does my child enjoy cold showers?

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