Thursday, January 28, 2010

House divided!

My family has always been sports fans! Chicago Cubs and the Indianapolis Colts are the only teams to watch on tv! Even before Peyton Manning my family watched the Colts! Sadly, I don't remember football before Manning!!

Kyle grew up watching the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bears! What were his parents thinking?!?! :-)

How did Kyle and I fall in love... and we fell in love during BASEBALL season!?!?! Our first date was to a White Sox VS Los Angeles Angels. I was the one to suggest the idea; I think I just wanted to impress him. Not really sure what I was thinking; dating bufferflies I guess! The Sox won, Kyle was happy! Right before we got married the Sox won the World Series. I thought my marriage was doomed. I would have to hear about this forever!!!! :-) Four years later and he still brings it up constantly.

If Kyle makes me too mad talking about the Sox and Cubs, I can always rub in that the Colts beat the Bears in the Super Bowl in 2007. hehehehe

So far, we haven't been to an NFL game together, just MLB. I do enjoy going to White Sox games with him. I love the game atmosphere! Wrigley Field is where my heart is though!!

Our poor kids are going to be very confused sports fans!! Addison would only say, "Go Cubs!" but started noticing that her daddy didn't like it. Now she cheers for all 4 teams! I want Lucas & Owen to like the same team as their daddy so I don't push them to like the Colts or Cubs. Our luck my kids will like the Cardinals, Twins, Ravens or Packers!

Kyle and I both like the Blackhawks. I've never been a fan of hockey but lately have been watching it with Kyle. We are going to a game in March. I am very excited to be cheering for the same team as Kyle!!

Go Cubs!
Let's go Colts!! Make sure to tune in for the Super Bowl on February 7th!


  1. Kyle, raise you kids correctly... to be White Sox and Bears fans!!! I guess it is OK to like the Colts also, but you can't root for both the White Sox and Cubs.

  2. You are right with one thing... they can't root for both the White Sox and Cubs... I guess they will all 3 have to be Cubs fans!!!