Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lucas....that's gross!!

Tonight I actually wrote something down that I wanted to blog about! Oh geez... I'm becoming a blogaholic!!

Here's the story...

We were in the car on our way home from celebrating my brothers 18th birthday! Kyle and I were talking and talking and then I heard a weird squeaky noise. I looked at the kids... Lucas was the only one awake. I was so happy that 2 out of 3 were sleeping that I forgot to figure out what the squeaky noise was. Kyle and I started talking again and the squeaky noise was back! I turned to look at Lucas and saw him licking his snowy boots. I kind of chuckled at first but then told him to stop because it was gross. He stopped licking and told me that they were dirty and continued licking again. They are not just any boots, they are his fireman rain boots! He is obsessed with these boots!! He no longer wants to wear his snow boots out in the snow... he even wants to wear them in the house at all times.

Another Lucas story from tonight...

After cake I told the kids to go wash their hands. When they came back in the room I told them I wanted to do a hand check. Lucas' hands looked a little sticky still so I told him to go back and wash them. Instead of going back in the bathroom he thought he'd lick them clean and wipe them on his shirt!
Gotta love boys!

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