Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hand Soap Fascination

What is the fascination with kids and hand soap? My kids use TONS and don't want to wash it off. I'm surprised they haven't had rashes all over their hands and arms from it. After every meal or snack Addison and Lucas both rush to the bathroom to wash up. They are now pretty good at doing it without me telling them. After washing up they come to me for a hand check. Every time I can still see the bubbles all over their hands. Maybe they think it keeps their hands clean. I have no idea... The other day I noticed Lucas had soapy hands so I told him to go wash them, then I threw a chip in my mouth and wanted to gag. Somehow, without me knowing it, Lucas stuck his soapy hands in the bag of chips. The whole bag was ruined! Oh, another thing about hand soap - every time they wash their hands they have to soak the mirror. Soapy water dripping down the mirror... I have to clean the mirror constantly or you won't be able to see yourself.

ha, this just made me think of a funny dad moment!

Lucas was in the bathroom with a water gun and I guess Kyle saw him shooting the outlets on the wall. Kyle told him to shoot at the mirror instead! Ha, my response would have been the bathtub! I guess he didn't care about the mirror because he never has to clean it!

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