Monday, January 18, 2010

index cards

This morning I thought it'd be fun to see what kind of a memory Addison had. So I wrote different words on index cards and taped them all over the house. Example, DOOR went on the door. The kids had NO idea what I was doing. When I was done we went through the house and read every card. After that I started cleaning and let them run around looking at all the index cards. I left the cards up for about 3 1/2 hours and then started taking them all down. Addison was upset because she liked them up! She told me that nobody knows what the stuff is without the card! :-) Addison, Lucas and I sat in a circle and I asked them what every card was.

Here are the results-

Addison 13 out of 50

Lucas 3 out of 50 (He got 3 of the TV words) :-)

I was very impressed with Addison. The words she got were TV (3), Toy Box (2), Wall, Door, Sign, Picture Frame, Bed... I don't remember the others...

I don't want to leave tape all over my walls so once I get some post-its I might leave them up in her room.

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