Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Easter Bunny

Last weekend we took the kids to a cute candy factory to see the Easter bunny. As we were waiting in line Addison seemed really excited. She was telling me that she has been good so the bunny can come to our house. Lucas was crying and wanting to walk in the opposite direction. He did fine with Santa this past year so I'm not sure what went wrong. Owen was happy like always. When it was our turn to go get our picture with the bunny Addison and Lucas started crying very LOUD. I sat Owen on the Easter Bunny's lap and tried (more like begged and bribed) getting the big kids to sit by them. No luck. Kyle and I ended up getting in the picture.

Last night we went to my dad's work Easter party. I had talked to the kids about seeing the Easter bunny again...and I thought that they were ready. WRONG. Lucas started crying as soon as we started walking towards the bunny. I told him to go sit down. Why force him to see the bunny again? Addison did okay. She made me go with her but didn't cry! Owen was amazed by the bunny!

How do your kids do with Santa or the Easter Bunny?

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